Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

We need language to communicate

Hi guys,
I wanna write again in my beloved blog.
okay, this is my first time to write something that using foreign language (red : English).

communication. google

Let's check this out. :)

We know that languages is very important in our life. Why did I said that? It's because how many people need to talk with other people. All of country in the world have they own language like Indonesian, the Indonesian's language is "Bahasa". Excepting Bahasa, Indonesia has many language inside that country.
How about other country? yeah, like England, USA, and others. They have own language, USA using "American English" and England using "British English". If you want to know about other language that available in the world, you can search in "Google". :)
Okay, back to topic.
Like I said before, we need language to help us for communicating with others. Try to imagine that if we don't have knowledge in language? we can't talk with anyone, right? So, let's learn other language start from now. :)

Have a nice try. :)

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